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7 On-trend Chinoiserie Wall Mural Designs for Your Home

Chinoiserie, as known as Chinese style wallpapers are one of the most popular materials nowadays. The credit for Chinoiserie goes to the French, not the Chinese, despite the name's impression. According to historians, Europeans were so enthralled by the patterns they saw from Eastern traders that they began to copy them whenever these dealers came on the scene. However, what really turned Chinoiserie into a legitimate fad was when King Louis XIV, who was always known for setting trends, took a liking to Chinoiserie and the style actually became very popular in 18th century France.

Chinoiserie wallpaper, in a nutshell, is a lovely wall covering category that depict European interpretations of diverse Asian lifestyles, especially Chinese. They are not necessarily accurate depictions, mind you, as the ones who made these only had oral tradition to go by, and they cared more about how the designs would match traditional European themes than accuracy.

A Chinoiserie wallpaper, when situated appropriately, enhances color, personality and adds a revitalizing air of whimsical taste to any wall. In most cases, one distinct style of a Chinoiserie wallpaper in space is adequate, particularly when matched with additional furnishings and illumination that reflect other styles. We have also added 7 on-trend Chinoiserie wallpapers that you can get right now.

1. Chinese Lady of Tang Dynasty

This Chinese woman wall mural illustrates the existence of a regular Tang Dynasty noblewoman. This is a remarkable representation of the Mid-Tang Dynasty's female population. This background is an excellent option for adorning your house, mainly if you are a fan of the colorful history and culture of the Chinese.

2. Vintage Flowers

This lovely antique floral wallpaper mural will elevate the aesthetic of any space. Allow those various blossoms to enchant you with splendor as if casting a spell on you. Allow these flowers to grow in any room in your home to instantly brighten your space. The design's adaptability enables you to try out different furniture types.

3. Lotus Flower

Refreshing lotus on your mural will provide a new dynamic to your home. Allow these lovely lotuses and leaves to cover your surfaces in flowing watercolor for a mystical impact. This cheerful wallpaper design has a positive energy that may quickly lift your spirits.

4. China Rose

Create this lovely antique floral appeal with pinkish China roses on a bed of green bushes painted on a white pastel backdrop. Give your home an instant elegant vibe.

5. Cerro

This hand-painted medium grey and blue calm mountainous design can fit with several interiors and tastes and will offer a relaxing vibe at home. The artistic creation is ideal for displaying your unique taste while conserving space.

6. Ink Gradient Waves

Foster a relaxing atmosphere in your house through this black and white balanced mural, which may be used in various areas and styles. The artistic watercolor pattern is ideal for displaying your creativity while still leaving you plenty of space to further showcase your taste.

7. Crane

This meticulously handmade piece is a terrific, fantastic watercolor artwork of an exquisite crane poised to take flight on top of a mountain. It would make an excellent wall mural for your house. It is sure to gather plenty of compliments from your friends.