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Bring World Home-5 Stunning Vintage Map Wallpaper Murals

Are you a travelling lover and looking to make the vintage look in the workspace or home? Well, the old-style world map is an ideal solution. The old world or city map uses vintage patterns and minimum colours, which balance the interior décor. Vintage map wallpaper is getting more popular among people in recent times. It displays the world from outlooks from times moved out through the map is suitable for vintage or outdated furnishings.

Adorn the interior and exterior walls of the property with the vintage map mural. From the hidden corner of the world to large mountains and wide water areas, thrilling and adventure are waiting in all places people look. There are different landscapes to explore, such as desert, jungle, mountains and others. In addition, stay away from the outdated and boring murals and hang the eco-friendly world map wallpaper, transforming the boring wall into endless and everlasting excitement. 

Continue reading the post if you need to use the vintage world map wallpaper mural for interior decoration.

Interesting facts about the vintage map mural 

The vintage map mural is the best technique to make the sentimental emotion to your space. If anyone needs help remembering the previous trip, you can install the world map in the living room. It is demonstrably attractive and functional, making it a popular interior decoration choice. Take a quick look at some interesting facts about the vintage world map mural:

  • Antique-style tone palette of the world map offers richness for any interior décor. 
  • Many places are carefully placed on the world map for maintaining legibility in the high populated places of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and others.
  • The map includes detailed information about the international boundaries, physical features, ocean floor, cities, mountains, rivers, and other features.
  • In addition, the corner inset vintage map comes with population density, land, and vegetation uses. 
  • Vintage mural maps are printed on coated paper to get the perfect combination of colour and strength. They are tear-resistance that can last for many years.
  • You can hang the map mural on the wall, such as in the bedroom, study area, living room, office, etc.
  • Besides, wallpaper is coated to resist dust and stain so the house owner can clean it with dampened fabric.
  • Use a map mural to add character to your space that reveals the personality and taste.

On the other hand, one can display the favourite city or country and share them with guests through the map wallpaper. The traditional world map mural is ideal for modifying kids' and teenagers' bedrooms.

Why do people use vintage map murals as home decor?

Vintage map wallpaper is one popular wallpaper mural to create a luxury background. It allows the resident looks at their favourite streets and increases their limits thru the picture of the entire country. The old world map mural provides many benefits for adventure and romantic people. It helps to remember the outing you took to an adventure area for vacation or honeymoon.

Moreover, a functional map mural involves facts, amazing colours, and stunning images that instantly transform the home. One can look at the Himalayan mountain or New York City street regardless of time. Custom world map mural creates a beautiful feature wall in your space. Some map wallpaper is technical, and others integrate details, which add abnormality to the wall. The followings are some reasons to hang world map murals:

The map wallpaper is an elegant way to show your personality. It is ideal for the person who is motivated by travel. With the help of the mural, you can make a historic and scenic environment. It develops motivation for future travel ambitions.

  • The map mural is one of the best decor items to choose from if you love art, history, and culture.
  • Besides, the world mural is customizable to suitable every taste. It comes in various scale ratios from small, medium and large sections. The vintage map wallpaper presents colourful properties, which promote adventure in the room. 
  • Give life to the wall no matter which room by hanging the map mural. It helps kids to learn about countries and cities without trouble. In addition, the mural helps you to hide the wall damage and protect them from stains. 
  • With the amazing world map wallpaper, one can avoid the ticket price and travel from Asia to Europe within a few seconds. Charming wallpaper of vintage maps is ideal for seeking world trotter.
  • The world map wallpaper is educational and functional with the precise historical and geographical references that enable the pinpoint where that is.

Vintage map murals will provide an adventurous touch to commercial or domestic places. The everlasting design of a map mural never goes outdated, so you can use it to replenish the feature wall.

Vintage world map murals put the world at your fingertips

Everyone around the world loves the world map. With the help of the map wallpaper, you can effortlessly expand your expertise in the world. If you are a travel and adventure lover, you can install the world map wallpaper in your space. It enables you to pinpoint the destination you desire to visit with your partner. Remember to have enjoyment with the informative world map mural!

Traditional and modern map mural fits all rooms in the home and even office, triggering off people. Hanging the world map will offer a complete look to the feature wall and be stylish. The world map wallpaper is available in various colours and black and white to pick the best one that fits your home decor. Let's see what feel this kind of mural offers:

  • Create the educational environment with the world map mural. It is good for the study and kids' room decoration.
  • Adding this type of mural to the room offers opportunities to share details about their favourite area with people who visit their door.
  • With the topographic map wallpaper, you can bring mountains and valleys of the tropical area to your home.
  • Create the motivational feature wall in the home with the inspirational map mural. 
  • Add unique map wallpaper to all walls to create a beautiful accent wall in the room that offers a calm environment. 
  • Smarten up the home building by hanging the fashionable and elegant world map wallpaper. 

Map murals come in different types and patterns that do not have a simple street map but also have a world map. Whether you need to bring the historical touch to the wall, educate the children or transform the room ambience, the world map wallpaper can help you achieve that easily. Pick the right map wallpaper from the old-world legacy map, artistic representations map and vintage map. Here are different kinds of map wallpaper murals:

  • The vintage world map mural is good to add class and style to your decor. You can combine this map wallpaper with the traditional style. They are unique, making them fit for study, office and living area. 
  • Use a historical map to create a historical look at your space. It is available in a neutral tone that pairs with any furniture and decor.
  • Add the interest and get the guest's attention with the old world map wallpaper. When they visit your home, they talk about your selection in interior decoration.
  • The city map mural shows off how many streets were in the past. Also, you can see the city stress clearly on the map, which helps you reach the destination on time.

Compliment world map murals with varnished wooden furniture will make your house stand out from the rest. Vintage world map murals give you access to the entire globe without bother.

5 Fabulous Vintage Map Wallpaper Murals

People who love the retro style of wall decoration must have an old vintage map mural. Add the amazing wall decor to the interior and plan the next vacation destination. Bring your favourite counties to your bedroom through the vintage map wallpaper. This type of mural offers more dimension and depth to your space. There are vintage maps, topographic, political maps and others that fill the accent wall. If you need to create a vintage look for your space, you must try the following map mural. 

Vintage World

Customized vintage world map mural can change your home look completely. Those who love geography can install the vintage world map wallpaper on the wall. It offers a retro look to your space, which is fashionable. You can hang it in any room because of the mix of old and modern design.

This mural will spice up the interior space with detailed information and a retro theme. It can perfectly blend with the dark curtains and modern furniture that make the effect quickly you desire. Vintage map murals allow you to remember your memories. It is also suitable for lobby, restaurants, hotels and others.

Vinatge World Wallpaper Mural

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The legacy world map is one of the popular reference tools these days. It allows you to know the globe from A to Z from home. You can hang this type of map wallpaper in different places such as schools, hallways, offices, bedrooms, living rooms and more.

In addition, this map wallpaper merges attractive colours and beautiful designs with the updated cartography. It adds more beauty to the residential place that grabs visitors' attention. It includes major mountain ranges and ivory-coloured oceans around the globe. Lots of locations are titled on the legacy world map mural.

Legacy Wallpaper Mural

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If you need to create the feature wall, you can use the Europe map mural. Unlike other map wallpapers, it has all European countries that help your child learn easily. You can transform your home look with a cool picture of Europe in the eco-friendly mural.

If you are interested in travelling to European countries, you can hang this mural in your home. It will become the center focal point of the bedroom or living room. The retro design of the mural sends people to various times while visiting your space. It is a good option for a bedroom, study area and home office. Besides, this wallpaper will help you to enrich your historical skill.

Europe Wall Mural

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Fractured Earth

If you are looking for a better way to decorate your home, you can install the fractured earth wallpaper mural. This map looks like the real-life earth tone, making it a popular option. It does not matter what city you live in, and your mind will transport you abroad with the map mural hung in your bedroom.

This type of map mural is developed with a creative 3D effect for displaying the ocean, land and mountain. People who are geography lovers never miss a fractured earth mural. Install this map wallpaper in your room and get ready to impress your guest. Also, it works brilliantly with any home decor because of its natural colours.

Fractured Earth Wallpaper Mural

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Global Chic

Global Chic is an on-trend map mural in recent times. It is a great backdrop for the bedroom, living area and others. Choose the best mural from the numerous collection of wallpaper. Amazing world map wallpaper is good to add texture to your space. With the Global Chic map mural, the world is in your room.

You can plan the next adventure with this world map wallpaper, which looks perfect on the feature wall. Without spending money on travelling, you can visit popular cities across European countries and beautiful beaches in Australia wherever you wish.

Global Chic Wall Mural

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If anyone loves to be luxurious, play with the saturation of the world map wallpaper. It enables the user to mark the worldly-wise journey. In addition, the map will illuminate the space and add energy. You can change the aura of home and your mood effortlessly with the help of a map mural. Develop the vintage look with the use of a historical world map!

We hope you are motivated to try out the colourful map wallpaper for interior decoration. It enlarges the world from the inside of the residential place, which replicates daily life. The vintage world map mural can enhance the wow factor of the office or home. These days, there is map wallpaper for every personality, from informative, old vintage to historic.