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Commercial Wallpaper Trends 2022: Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Space

Lounges. Airports. Hotel Lobbies. Restaurants
Name any commercial place and imagine making the space cosy for the customers and clients. What's the first thing that strikes your mind? 
The interior decor.
And while you can get your staff to clean and organize the space, decorating a commercial space can be quite challenging. 
We understand your dilemma and are here to help with a solution. 
Consider using commercial wallpapers. 
If done right, commercial wallpapers can transform your mundane space into trendsetting creative zones. Whether you're papering reception areas, meeting rooms, offices, or lobbies, choosing the right wallpapers can help you create a positive first impression.  
So if you're looking to transform your workspace into the pinnacle of productivity but don't know where to start, this guide will help. 
Here's an essential guide on the commercial wallpaper trends of 2022 and how to choose the right wallpaper for your workspace. 
Take a look. 

What's Special About Commercial Wallpapers?

These wallpapers are made using highly durable and low maintenance materials. These materials hold up to daily wear and tear, especially in messy environments. That’s why commercial wallpapers make a great choice for restaurants, medical facilities, and other busy commercial workspaces. Moreover, these wallpapers are not only there to protect your office walls, but they also set the ambiance of your business. Depending on your choice of designs and colours, you can make your office feel casual, assertive, elegant, or comforting.


Commercial Wallpaper Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

Textured Faux Wallpaper 

Faux textured wallpapers with metallic shades have recently become trendy. You can pick from a variety of textures like concrete walls or splashes of contemporary patterns to give your commercial space a sophisticated look. These wallpapers are great for those who want to keep their workspace exciting and tactile.

Bold Bohemian Wallpapers 

Are you looking to incorporate white or black into your workspace without your walls looking too bland? Why not dress it up in bold bohemian pattern? Go for a white wallpaper with big, bold tropical patterns like palm trees. You can also consider a black wallpaper with hints of charcoal or beige bohemian designs to keep it traditional yet stylish.

Bright Forest Wallpapers 

If you have a workspace that's all about creativity and fun, you can consider an energizing bright wallpaper with forest-inspired designs. Add a pop of bright red or a hot pink to engage everyone in the room. You can also find one that showcases a whimsical landscape of climbing trees with dainty leaves and branches popping off the wall. If bright colours seem overwhelming for your workspace, you can explore slightly muted tones and neutral designs of a watercolour wallpaper.

Warm Mosaic Wallpapers 

Want to keep your commercial interiors minimalist? If you are planning to use wallpaper, then explore warm mosaic designs like geometric patterns with needle palm leaves. Wallpapers with soft sea-green leaf silhouettes or sunset grey mosaics are great for incorporating a calming effect in the workspace.

Uneven Finish Wallpapers 

These wallpaper murals are always a trendy choice for commercial spaces. You can go for a white faux finish wallpaper to make a subtle statement. Ever Wallpaper has a great collection. Pick one that gives the appearance of uneven tiles to create an interesting illusion. Uneven finish wallpapers are especially great for creating accent walls in your workspace. 

Lush Green Wallpapers 

If there's a wallpaper design that will continue to stay in vogue, it's the lush green botanical patterns. Such nature-themed wallpapers revitalize your workspace and get your creative juices flowing. If you're looking for something eye-catching and vibrant for a feature wall in front of your desk or work area, go for wallpapers with thriving leaves. You can also use this living room wallpaper for any modern space.


Useful Tips For Decorating Your Business Space Using Commercial Wallpapers

Commercial wallpapers are a great way to spruce up your offices for clients and consumers. These wallpapers make your commercial space look great while also adding a certain flair that may not be possible with just paint. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while decorating your business space with commercial wallpapers.

Reduce Visible Seams
If you have visible seams, then most likely, your wallpaper is not working for you. You can try to apply another coat of adhesive to hide the seams. However, if that doesn’t work, it may be time to start looking at wallpaper options that do not have seams.
Consider Your Company's Colour Theme

The wallpaper's colour should match your overall brand. Or at least, it should bring out the colours in your business's logo or image. The design of the wallpaper should also match what you're trying to accomplish in terms of aesthetics, whether it is a chic look with clean lines or an abstract look with several colours.
Check the Wallpaper's Quality

Make sure you are using high-quality commercial wallpapers. You do not want to disappoint your clients with peeling or fading wallpaper. Make sure your walls can withstand everyday wear and tear..

You also need to check if wallpaper comes with any sort of warranty or guarantee. If not, consider other options for decorating your commercial space.
Have Your Wallpaper Cleaned

Like paint, it is important to take care of your commercial wallpapers with routine maintenance. This is necessary to keep your walls looking good as new. You should also pay attention to the cleaning products and equipment, as wallpapers can be very sensitive to certain chemicals. When cleaning your commercial space, you should use wallpaper cleaners, which are exclusively designed for commercial wallpapers. This will help you maintain the look and feel of your interiors.
Use Proper Tools

The right tools such as wallpaper trimmers, rolling pins, and so on are necessary for installing and maintaining wallpapers. Make sure your cleaning staff have these. If you are using high-quality commercial wallpapers, don’t compromise with the tools. Otherwise,  your wallpaper might end up looking shabby or unprofessionally installed.
Measure Your Wallpaper Correctly

Avoid poorly cutting commercial wallpapers because you failed to measure the area. Make sure to always leave sufficient allowance for error. You can work out the width and length of your wall space with a measuring tape before placing an order for commercial wallpapers. These measurements will help you get wallpapers that are tailor-fit for your commercial building's walls.
Don't Forget to Match the Wallpaper's Lighting 

When decorating your space with wallpapers, you can't forget about lighting. This includes choosing the lighting fixture styles, number and placement. Depending on the look and feel you want to achieve, you also need to consider whether you'll be using any light source to enhance the lighting of your commercial building. Remember, the lighting should be in sync with your wallpaper’s looks.   

Types Of Commercial Wallpaper Materials You Can Consider


Acoustical commercial wallpapers are made using a combination of olefin fibres and polyesters. These wallpapers reduce sound transfer in meeting rooms, theatres, and offices.

Cork And Wood 

Cork and wood veneers are wallpapers that bring natural colours and textures to otherwise dull workspaces. They are great for creating special finishes or accents. However, they aren’t suitable for high-traffic areas since they are not considered durable.

Natural Textile  Natural textile wallpapers provide a soft visual texture to the walls in office spaces. These are delicate and cannot be used in areas where scuffing and stains are a concern.

Dry-erase or writable wallpapers are extensively used in office conference rooms and classrooms. These wallpapers come laminated and can be used for writing with a dry-erase marker.

You can find several finishes in this category like standard gloss, magnetic receptive, and low glare. 

Vinyl wallpapers are the most sturdy ones available on the market. These are used in areas often exposed to shocks, scratches, and abrasions from both people and equipment. Vinyl wallpapers might seem like an expensive initial investment. That being said, you can save money in the long run because they are durable and require little maintenance. 

How To Choose The Right Type of Commercial Wallpaper?


Do you have areas in your commercial space subjected to heavy use? Areas like waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, and hallways need extra protection. If you are planning to wallpaper these areas, pay close attention to the product's durability when shopping.


Are you looking to wallpaper an area that's constantly exposed to sunlight or other outdoor elements? In that case, you should go for designs resistant to fading and moisture. If an area is mainly used by children, you should choose washable wallpapers to minimize stains. Wallpapers made of delicate materials are typically suitable for an indoor commercial space that's lightly used. If your commercial activities are likely to cause discolouration or damage to the walls, pick a robust wallpaper that is scrub-resistant. 

Look for wallpaper colours that balance style and functionality for commercial spaces. Using pure white wallpaper with no patterns will only make your space look cold and sterile. Similarly, having black wallpaper will create a dark environment that's not fit for workspace creativity.

Here's how wallpaper colours may affect the vibe of your workspace: 
  • Green: Green colour is the easiest for the human eye to process, so it's an all-rounder regardless of the kind of commercial space you have. Green also helps you stay fresh during long workdays.  
  • Blue: We are all well aware of the calming qualities of the colour blue. Are you often dealing with deadlines? Get a blue wallpaper to boost your productivity and stay on top of your tasks. 
  • Yellow and orange: These two colours are great for adult workplaces because they invoke a sense of optimism and enthusiasm. So, don't hesitate to go with yellow and orange for a creative work setting. 
  • Red: Is your work more hands-on? Go for a red wallpaper to keep your senses stimulated and create a high-energy environment. Stay away from red if your commercial space requires a quiet atmosphere for long hours.  
  • Grey: Grey works great with other colours like turquoise, rose, etc., but it is pretty uninspiring and neutralizing and its own. Avoid shades of grey without another pop of colour. 


Whether you're sprucing up a small retail store or a big corporate wing, there is an endless variety of patterns that you can choose from. You can also consider dark floral wallpaper to add more character to your business space.

Picking up the pattern for your office should be based on the effect you want to create.
Busy patterns give an energetic vibe, whereas minimalistic options echo calmness and focus. 

Final Word

We hope our guide helped you understand the importance of commercial wallpapers and their various applications.

Now that you have the required knowledge, why not start jazzing up your commercial walls in your unique way? 
Happy decorating!