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Create an Industrial and Dramatic Vibe With A Brick Wallpaper Mural Design

The best interior design you can do for your home is to use brick wallpaper mural. You can choose to have this wallpaper design on all four walls of your room or have one feature wall with various brick wallpaper designs. 

Brick wall wallpaper has become a charm that can now be found in urban apartments and rural cottages. This is due to the fact that brick-style wallpaper looks great with both modern and traditional furniture. As a result, brick wallpaper is an excellent choice for an interior design that will be the topic of your guests.

This article will explain the various styles, designs, and colors of brick wallpapers and how to choose the perfect brick effect.

Stone House

This industrial wallpaper mural gives your house that raw, distressed edge that comes with a stone brick effect without causing any damage to your walls or interiors.  Ideal for use in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even the dining room! Dark grey and brass are a terrific color combination. Choose a mix of dark grey and brass items to bring the room to life if you use this dark brick wallpaper in your kitchen.

Classic Red Brick

Bring warm and beautiful terra-cotta red brick into your home using Classic Red Brick for a modern-vintage interior design concept. This red and brown all-star finish's natural color will make your walls feel calm, snug, and comfortable. The wallpaper is bohemian in design, with light brown and reddish tones, and don't forget to keep it classy and simple.

Gray Brick Underground

Let's say you're looking for a fashionable and one-of-a-kind wallpaper mural to complement your room's contemporary furniture and décor. If that's the case, This gray wallpaper mural is ideal for you. This false and irregular-shape brick texture wall covering with soft pastel and neutral tones will give your area a modern and welcoming feel.

Piling Bricks

The beauty of brick effect wallpaper is that it attracts the attention of anybody who enters the room and looks fantastic in various settings, including the bedroom, lounge, kitchen, and many more! Get lost between these random stones and forget about your worries. Relax with this trendy piece, which will appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Downtown Plastered Brick

The wired and unique design that combines abstracted art and elegance has become the epitome of modernity. The Downtown Plastered Brick wallpaper mural is one of the most popular in our brick collection. It will help you create a stylish contemporary theme with a rusted and plastered brick pattern. For a simple and striking look, pair this brick wallpaper with modern decor and plain shade curtains. 

Tree Shadow

This tree shadow wallpaper mural will elevate the appeal of your area. It's a terrific feature wall with a magnificent tree shadow flickering under a faux grey brick texture backdrop that instantly adds an airy and magical touch to your home. To give your space a fresh look, use it in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, or dining area, and combine it with pastel-colored furnishings.

Mottled Rust

Our Mottled Rust Wallpaper Mural has vivid red and burnt orange streaks that give the room a rustic or raw architectural feel. It has the defined details of a weathered rust wall. Most importantly, our Mottled Rust design is ideal for a study room, home office, and even a bedroom. This design can be displayed in the sitting area, where guests can admire its simple elegance.

Mottled Brick

This European brick wallpaper will infuse your decor with rich culture. Feel as if you're strolling through the streets, seeing new places you've never seen before. This vintage wallpaper mural depicts an old-fashioned story, complete with minute details. Our Mottled Brick design resembles a long-lasting structural brick masonry wall. This antique weathered brick wallpaper will liven up your dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Practical Benefits of Brick Wallpaper Mural

In any home, Brick Wallpaper is a true show-stopper. It makes a statement and creates a beautiful background that adds current fashion and flair even without the finishing décor elements. Faux brick wallpaper is a timeless and effortlessly stylish option for the casual decorator.

Our thicker, higher-quality wallpapers are really simple to install. Using actual brick and mortar for this stylish aesthetic can be expensive and time-consuming to apply and maintain. However, with a brick wallpaper mural, you may be able to do more while spending so little. 

Without making a permanent commitment, you may get the same atmospheric and visual impact a traditional brick wall can deliver. And, if you decide to make a change in the future, this creative solution will save you a lot of time and money, which you will be thankful for afterward.


One would think that brick walls and modern interiors would conflict with one another. However, in recent years, architects and homeowners have gravitated toward the gorgeous brick wall whenever they require a bit of texture, timeless charm, and unique character dispersed throughout the living room. 

Some see that the exposed brick wall in the living room represents the building's rich, historical past and a mix of past and present. Others see it as a means to inject beauty and personality into a space otherwise dominated by glass and stone. Whatever your reason, brick walls are unmistakably here to stay. Of course, you may not reside in an area with natural brick walls. Ever wallpaper's collections are available, allowing you to customize your space entirely.