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Dog Lovers: 10 Lovable Dog Wallpaper Murals to Accompany Kid’s Childhood

Dog wallpaper mural is a perfect example of a parent's declaration. A dog wallpaper mural is installed in the room of a young child and remains there for years. The adorable pup is framed in wood, painted, and sealed to protect the surface from being scratched or stained by finger paint.

Its characteristics and dogs' traits

  • A gentle and loving dog is the main character of this wallpaper mural. The main reason behind the wallpaper mural image is to remind the kids how adorable and lovable these dogs can be. As our childhood goes, we had dogs as pets, first of all, we are accustomed to their love and affection; those are the necessary lessons that we will always remember when we become an adult.
  • The dog represents unconditional love, happiness, and trustfulness. These are the most important traits that we need in life.
  • The dog can be the best companion for a lonely child because it's loyal and friendly. Moreover, dogs can understand them even better than parents.
  • It's a good choice for decorating your room because the dog is like a friend of your childhood. You can remember the sweet days of your life with that adorable-looking puppy always around you and making you happy!
  • It creates a vibe of remembrance and care.Feel protected and secure in an environment of love with a dog wallpaper mural. As a kid, it's hard to express how much you are loved, how much you are cared for. You spend so much time at home and you feel so protected that a loving message is not always implied. However, the message can be effectively conveyed by decorating the kid's room with dog pictures or dog murals on the wall. A young child will feel very safe indeed when he is surrounded by loving images in his room.

The Following are 10 Adorable Dogs Wallpapers

Funny Cats and Dogs

A great choice for a kid's room, this funny cats and dogs wallpaper is perfect for any kid's room. This cartoon-like-looking cartoon cat, specifically the female character, is adored by all the kids. The wallpaper mural is colorful in its design and full of fun. You can let your child choose the colors that fit his or her personality and mood.

Happy Dog

For an adorable wallpaper mural that's full of bright colors and sunshine, this happy dog is the best choice. This wallpaper mural depicts a happy dog sitting on a couch. If you want your kids to feel comfortable and secure in their room, this cute cartoon pop art style wall mural will guarantee it!

Various Dog

Various breeds of dogs are depicted in this wallpaper mural; this is one of the best choices for a kid's room. Various dog breed prints cover the entire wall and look colorful. The dog wallpaper mural will bring joy! It is made of bright colors and a great picture.

Woof Dog

The Woof Dog wallpaper mural is a treat for young children. The image shows a beautiful dog looking over his shoulder with a smile and eyes gleaming, inviting children to play with him or her. The dog is mostly white and has a friendly, playful look. The dog is also shown with a red collar, which is characteristic of many dogs. Looking at the picture can make you feel nice and energetic, just like the dog!

Cartoon Puppy

You will surely like the cartoon puppy wallpaper mural for children. The little puppy is shown with a yellow collar and is wearing an oversized green sweater. The image also has a bunch of balloons floating in the air, which are very special to the kids. The pup's eyes are full of love and care, which displays how cute he is giving everyone around him a warm smile!

French Bulldog

The art print for children has a happy-looking dog with big eyes and floppy ears. The dog has a muscular physique and is shown sleeping on a cloud. It looks cute as it is shown sleeping soundly on the cloud as if it never had to face troubles in its life. The French bulldog has gained immense popularity in the last few years due to its appealing look with drooping ears and paws cuddling around. Many children like to see this picture in their room as pillow covers and also as wall art.

Puppy Pattern

The dog pattern wallpaper mural is a perfect choice for children who are fond of dogs. It can be one of the most adorable wallpapers, especially if your child loves to play with pups. The image has a cartoonish puppy with a red collar and heart-shaped nose print on it, which makes the wallpaper even more adorable. The dog is also shown wearing some cute pink shoes which make the child more attracted towards it.

Cute Pet Accessories

When you look at dogs' eyes, you will realize that they are so innocent and loving. They can express their love with lovely eyes. This cute puppy is always with his owner to take him everywhere he goes in his life. These cute pet accessories are chosen for this wallpaper to make you love these dogs even more.

Hound Dog

Hound dog is a very attractive dog. It has the friendliest eyes and will be your best friend forever. Besides this, this type of dog has lovely ears, which can be very cute! The wallpaper shows a black and white pet having a cute expression on his face. He is shown sitting in the bed with his owner, who is holding him on her lap.

Corgi Pet

This is an adorable wallpaper with a white-colored dog and striped pattern. The dog is depicted with its eyes closed, yet it has a cute face. If you look at his eyes, they are very adorable! The wallpaper is colored in bright and cheerful colors, which makes the room looks adorable and full of love.


If you have no idea about how to make your kids live their bedroom, adorable dogs wallpapers are perfect for small kids who can't express their emotions in words, yet they look at you with innocent eyes. This way, you can let them know how much they are loved and cared for with this cute wallpaper.