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6 Characteristic Wallpaper Murals For Kitchen Decoration

Are you still troubled by choosing kitchen wallpapers? Don't know how to make selections and categories? Don't worry; follow this blog to choose the style that suits your kitchen. We've listed 6 popular kitchen wallpapers to see if they can help you. Transform your blank kitchen wall into a really living space. Let’s go! The following is the specific content of the 6 wallpapers:

Kitchen is a place that we can prepare food for meal and enjoy delicious food alone or with family members. You can imagine what’s in your kitchen, then following our article and find whether it fits your kitchen style.

Fruit and Vegetables

This vegetables and fruits wallpaper mural can be must-have for any food and drink lovers. With colourful painted vegetables and fruits like broccoli, pod, apple, orange, the whole kitchen will be immersed into a feeling of freshness and nature. It’s interesting that the painter uses two painting styles in this mural. Half is coloured, half is equal to black and white. When you see this mural, is there a kind of feeling like you are at a vegetable market and pick up the food you need for today’s meal? If you get exhausted after work, you can even treat it as an eye-relaxed wallpaper.

Fast Food

The difference from the wallpaper introduced above is that this wallpaper mural is colourless. If you don’t like colourful and complex mural, you can try this one. Whole mural features a theme of briefness and environmental protection. It uses simplest colour and pattern that you may enjoy. This attractive hand drawn wallpaper mural is a perfect wall mural to transform boring space into something unique and eye-catching. Fast food pattern creates more eating desire for common life, which means it's convenient and easy-to-handle. Those who are busy for working and spare no time for cooking can take a breath.

Bread & Dessert

Bread and dessert are undoubtedly the fatal temptation for many people. Can you smell the sweet air now? According to some scientific research, eating sweets can boost your mood and make you feel relaxed. This attractive bread and dessert collection includes donut, croissant, toast and waffle. It will be a great choice if you want to have afternoon tea or you are a baking expert. You can sometimes teach your little child to learn more words through patterns in this bread and dessert mural. Why not have a try to select this one as a wallpaper mural, we believe you may receive a surprise.


With bright colour as a background, this sea food mural can be attractive for people who love ocean life. We can surely get energy from this revamp. Compared with patterns in above fast food mural, this one looks more healthier. And you may get proud of yourself if you can cook these seafood as feast. Flourishing red has an effect on boosting your eating desire and if you have no choice of what to eat, you can get inspiration form these patterns in the mural. Embrace your happy cooking time and a unique kitchen wallpaper mural.


It’s requisite that everyone's home is full of dishes because we need them to have meal. Delicate dishes will bring a feeling of home and display your savour. When it comes to kitchen, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe in your first impression, the dishes is the most important thing, we need to decorate and add kitchen utensils. This mural uses vivid painting strokes and matches with red flowers, which will transform your kitchen into a new look. The unique style means this design will work wonderfully in your kitchen of the house, especially according with your kitchen theme and aesthetic production.


Nowadays the world witnesses the development of high technology. Then come with the development of food industry. Most people choose to go out for a meal and gradually lose the joy of cooking at home. This dinner wallpaper mural is awakening people's interest of cooking at home. It's a similar style like above Dishes Wallpaper Mural. Adding a bit red colour, using a black and white background, this match will never be outdated. Dinner time is a pleasant and reunited time, you can enjoy a warm meal with your family members. Having fun to bring your bold new design to life.


We have talked a lot about these 6 wallpaper murals. Have you known more about our wallpaper mural ? If you have any other questions, you can search more information at our FAQ on the end of every page or contact us by email. More kitchen wallpaper murals can be found in our Pick what you like! Wish you a happy shopping experience.