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Can Wallpaper Be Used in Apartments? 6 Apartment Decoration Ideas to Get You Inspired

Quick answer, yes. Apartment wallpaper mural could quickly transform the space, but we suggest you clarify matters first with your landlord. However, in the majority of cases, apartment owners allow renters to customize their spaces through wallpaper murals. Wallpaper is a superb option that creates a powerful visual impact. It comes in an almost infinite range of colors, designs, and patterns, and based on what you choose, it can be vast and bold or soft and delicate.

What's impressive about wallpaper murals is that they could be used in a variety of ways and areas. Most homeowners will paint all four walls of a room the same color. In most cases, you can only use a single color for one room when painting the walls. But with wallpaper murals, you can alter an area's mood and sense of dimension by using various wallpapers in a single room.

Considerations to Keep In Mind When Designing Your Apartment With Wallpaper Murals

    • Ask Permission From Your Property Manager

Before doing any remodeling project, always check your lease or contact your apartment manager. Inform them that you will be putting temporary, peel-and-stick wallpaper on the apartment walls.

    • Create A Detailed Design Plan

Would you like a single accent wall, or do you want to decorate the entire kitchen walls? Will you have to work around barriers such as windows, doors, power outlets, or switches? We suggest you choose a small area if this is your first time designing walls with wallpaper murals.

    • Know The Design

Repetitive patterns can be challenging to connect, especially on the edges. A crowded or elaborate design, on the other hand, will cover any faults or imperfections, such as air bubbles or slightly misaligned sheets. It's also a great idea to request a sample wallpaper possible to see the design in your apartment before committing a huge order.

    • Measure The Walls

When you've decided on the kind of wallpaper you're buying and where to put them, make sure you have an accurate measurement of your apartment walls. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting so long for your wallpaper to arrive to discover that you did not order enough.

    • Purchase Wallpaper More Than What You Need

Designing can be a little difficult, so it's expected that at some point, you'll be making a few mistakes. So buying extra wallpaper is a good idea to make sure you have enough to cover the walls.

    • Gather The Necessary Tools For Designing

Even though peel and stick wallpaper are easy to install, it will still require tools; a knife to cut the wallpaper, a ladder to paste the wallpapers, a ruler to ensure the borders are straight, and a sponge to smoothen air bubbles.

Below are fun wallpaper murals you can use on your apartment walls:

Fabulous Gilded Marble

Everwallpaper's Fabulous Gilded Marble Mural Wallpaper's marble texture makes it ideal for adding a traditional touch to your apartment walls. The Fabulous Gilded Marble wallpaper has a wonderful, rich gilded marble design in gold and ivory. The soft tones are achieved via delicate inks and polishing and will give a sense of refinement to any room. This wallpaper will grab your guests' attention due to its beauty, elegance, and neutral tones.

Fabulous Gilded Marble Wall Mural

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Rabbits, Flowers, and Girl

If you live with kids, the Rabbits Flowers and Girl Mural Wallpaper from Everwallpaper is an enjoyable and colorful wallpaper for your apartment. This design features a big rabbit centerpiece with a girl and a bunny riding on top and is surrounded by soft pastel roses. The Rabbits, Flowers, and a Girl wallpaper mural is a work of art that fits perfectly to an empty space. Keep your kids excited with a vivid "pop" of this playful mural. Use the Rabbits, Flowers, and a Girl wallpaper mural for an adorable, fun design to adorn your nursery or baby's room.

Rabbits, Flowers, and Girl Wall Mural

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Colorful Rhombuses ll

With this Colorful Rhombuses ll Mural Wallpaper, you can surely bring the party indoors. Rhombus is a simple shape that may be utilized as a stylish pattern to improve the spaces in your apartment. The Colorful Rhombuses ll quickly adds another dimension to your apartment with its bold and bright design. Make this gorgeous geometric wallpaper a part of your room's interior and finally bring color to those dull walls. The vibrant Ll Colorful Rhombuses wallpaper mural will look great not just in your apartment but also as home offices and restaurants wallpaper as well.

Colorful Rhombuses ll Wall Mural

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River & House

The River & House wallpaper mural is your perfect option if you want to bring the wild inside your apartment. This wallpaper is likely to become a favorite talking piece even if you're designing the nursery wallpaper or bathroom wall mural, and a reading room. The River & House wallpaper mural will give your interiors a tropical feel. The palm trees and residences on the other side of the river create a wonderful 3D effect, adding depth to your apartment and making it appear significantly more spacious. Add a splash of eccentricity to your home design with The River & House wallpaper mural.

River & House Wallpaper Mural

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New York City Street

With this hand-drawn New York City wallpaper mural, you can create a one-of-a-kind and artsy area in your apartment. This imaginative New York City Street wallpaper mural is a black and white comic book style of painting that will undoubtedly bring a unique and elegant touch to your decor. The cityscape wallpaper mural will surely look great as your room, dining room, bathroom, as well as the hallway wallpaper. Try putting up this mural with a dark color decor and furniture.

New York City Street Mural Wallpaper

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Foggy Enigma

With this stunning forest wallpaper mural, you can immerse yourself in a misty pine tree forest. Foggy Enigma wallpaper mural showcases neutral colors of grey fog engulfing the emerald pine trees lend that will give a majestic look to your apartment. Your brightly colored furniture will stand out against the subdued background, making it ideal for living room or dining room usage. Create a sense of wonder and an airy vibe to your apartment with the Foggy Enigma wallpaper mural.

New York City Street Mural Wallpaper

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Making The Most Out of Your Wallpaper

Other than putting wallpaper murals on the walls, it can also be used to decorate bookcases, drawers, ceilings, and even a room divider. If your property lacks significant architectural features or your existing furniture looks old and dull, consider putting up Everwallpaper's apartment collection to add creativity to your walls.

Any type of wallpaper you choose, from traditional to modern style, will automatically give a touch of warmth, style, and, most importantly, a glimpse into your own personality and likes. For contrast and color, try combining two distinct designs of wallpaper. With wallpaper murals, you can effortlessly add elegant patterns or diametric designs to create more space and boost visual appearance.