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How to Select The Right Wallpaper for A Beautiful Girl's Room

Wallpapers carry a lot of transformative power. Therefore, incorporating the use of wallpapers in the renovation or creation of your girl's room is such a game-changer. It gives you the ability to change the appearance of the room to suit her personality. Besides, different wallpaper patterns and colors bring various vibes. From transforming a plain room to a warm, soft, or magical space, there is no amount of room elevation a wallpaper cannot offer.

Honestly, that's why we love wallpapers, and we know you too will, once you try some of the amazing ideas we are going to share. But first...

A Cozy Room Wallpaper Mural

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How to Select the Right Wallpaper for Girl's Room

Choose the Correct Color

  • Color sets the mood of your girl's room. It can help make a small room look bigger, and a low ceiling appear higher. And for this, a wallpaper with cool color backgrounds such as violet, blue and green will do the trick.
  • Colors such as orange, yellow and red make the room feel warmer and are perfect in cold environments.
  • The brighter the wallpaper colors, the more excitement they bring to the room.
  • On the other hand, soft cool colors such as jade green and rose brown speak peace.
  • Ensure the colors you choose match the girls room decor.

Wallpapers and Light

  • If your girl's room window passes little light, go for wallpapers that reflect light.
  • Wallcoverings with bright colors will serve the purpose. The same case applies to a girl's wallpaper with metallic and iridescent ink.
  • Also, the smoother the paper partners are, the lighter they're likely to reflect.

Mix and match

  • A plain wallpaper can be boring, while a wall cover with too many patterns leads to restlessness.
  • Know how to balance by using patterns with repetitive same colors.
  • Remember, small scale patterns will make your girl's room appear spacious.
  • But if you want to make the room more intimate, use girl's wallpapers with large-scale patterns.
  • You can also make an empty room look more furnished using a large-scale, bright-colored wallpaper as part of the girls room decor.

To help you achieve the above looks, here are some top 5 popular wallpapers to look out for:

City of Stars

As its name suggests, the city of stars wallpapers shows several brown white tall buildings with visible yellow stars and violet clouds in a blue sky. In the picture, a small girl in a white dress, and with pink long hair, is seen sitting on the head of a giant mouse head, reaching out for one star. What a beautiful way to start a night!

City of Stars Wallpaper Mural

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Cute Bunny

Pink is the standard color for girls' nurseries, newborns, and bedrooms. But it gets even warmer and cuter with the lovely bunny couple in this wallpaper. This pink shade wall cover features butterflies flying around happily, with tiny pink and yellow flowers blossoming from the green vegetation. It's like bringing the backyard garden into the girl's room. If you decide to add a few decorations to go with it, be as minimal as possible. Shades of white and pink lite in the room will do it justice.

Pink Rabbit Wallpaper Mural

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Flower Gate

There's a kind of unexplainable joy that comes with freedom. The open gate of this fresh green-themed wallpaper is the greatest way to invite girls' to dare dream. The details include bright large and small colored crawling flowers around a queen themed gate. The playful design will do well with warm and soft color additions into the room. The simple you get, the better.

Green Flower Gate Wall Mural

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Princess & Unicorn

When a girl is born, the princess in her takes over. This unicorn & princess wallpaper is the best way to send your baby girl to the beautiful and exciting dreamland. It features a half-moon, and numerous shades of pink and blue to complete the fairy tale. The wallpaper mural makes a great addition not only in the bedroom but also in play and nursery areas.

Pink Unicorn & Princess Fairy Tale Wallpaper Mural

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Tiger on The Moon

This gorgeous wallpaper features a cute baby tiger wearing a brown hut and shirt. The tiger is seen sitting on the moon with a fishing rod in his tiny hands. It seems like he already caught a small star! It's a beautiful purple-themed night with bright yellow small and big stars. Dreamland has never gotten this beautiful!

Purple Tiger on The Moon Cartoon Wall Mural

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Wallpaper can turn any plain girl's room beautiful. However, to get the best out of it, you must know how to pick the perfect patterns and colors to meet your needs. We hope you find this article useful to help you get started.