Graffiti Art: 8 Technicolored Graffiti Mural Ideas to Make Home Unique

Is it possible to add some urban style street art to your living room? Want to make your space more fun and lively? Well, Graffiti wallpaper murals will help you to achieve that! Graffiti mural has been one of the popular trends in the past few years. Currently, tenants and homeowners take advantage of this cheerful art form in their interior designs.

Freshen up your bedroom interior with the technicoloured graffiti wallpaper mural! Whether you desire an elegant theme, stencil-style creations, and lively hip-hop-inspired styles, graffiti wallpaper makes a catchy statement. Without messiness, you can transform a dull room into an exciting one. Colourful graffiti wallpaper is an innovative way to show off the taste and personality in your room.  

In addition, it can provide the living area, teenagers' bedrooms, lofts, and offices an urban edge. This mural is the centrepiece of artwork you will enjoy for many years. Have you ever wished that you could bring life to the walls with graffiti wall art? Discover more details about colourful graffiti murals.

Why graffiti wallpaper patterns are so popular with young people?

Young people are not tricked when it comes to imagination. Graffiti themes stimulate playfulness, inspiration, and interest. Children love wonderful and cool graffiti murals to decorate their bedroom or study area. In addition, the graffiti trend is a strong influence but cooler than people consider to style up their space. Bold brushstrokes and attractive colours look picture-perfect with great interior designs. Let's see why children prefer to select the graffiti mural:

    • Strengthen teens' brain 

One of the benefits of choosing the graffiti wallpaper mural is that they make youngsters' brain structure stronger. Design components and shades composition are vital that gear to kids age to eliminate crushing them. Graffiti mural contains some images and words that motivate the teenagers with the unusual pattern.

    • Self-awareness

Youngsters love anything unusual, so you can try graffiti murals to decorate their room. This type of mural helps to express self-realization and revolution. In addition, young people can make a statement with amazing graffiti murals against teenagers' standards.  

    • Simulate children creativity

Teenagers' power of imagination and explanation is marvellous. It is essential because imagination plays an influential role in development. Therefore, installing the unusual wallpaper in the home can stimulate children's imagination and learning process. For this reason, many people hang graffiti murals in the youngster's bedrooms and study rooms.  

8 Colourful Graffiti Wall Murals

Are you wondering about what graffiti mural suits your home style? Well, here is the list of 8 graffiti wallpaper murals. Custom graffiti wallpaper is apt for any room from children's bedroom, office, living room and others. Also, you can use it as a statement piece for the entryway.


The angle wings indicate peace and freedom, so many people install them as their hallway wallpaper. In addition, you can find this wallpaper mural in public places like shopping malls and others. This mural can feel real; it takes you to a different world when looking at the wallpaper. Besides, the angel wings mural will add a positive and powerful vibe to your space.

Urban Style Mural

Urban art gets its motivation from metropolises and city life. It is great for teenagers' rooms wall mural to generate an expressive atmosphere with more personality. Besides, it brings the inspiring city into your living room or kitchen. Have a graffiti wallpaper that makes a replica of your passion!

Street Life

Do you need to bring the touch of cool street life to your hallway? Well, the street life wallpaper mural can help you. You can hang the graffiti wallpaper as your kid's room wallpaper. It not only skips the pastel décor of the room but also offers them something to enjoy in their space. In addition, Streetlife wallpaper has fun pictures that will remind your old memories.

Abstract Characters

If you need to create an accent wall in your home, you can choose the abstract wallpaper mural. It can transform your boring wall into an exciting one instantly. In addition, this wallpaper is suitable for a statement wall in the dining space and living room. You can use it to add extra character to your space without hassle.   

Mixed Painting

With the colourful mural, you can mix the texture of paint in your interior decoration. Moreover, it offers strong visual effects on the home due to its amazing design. You can use this mural in the living room, entryway and bedroom to create a calm atmosphere.  

Parallel World

If you need to decorate the teenager's room, you can try the parallel world mural. It features UFO, cartoon astronauts, and others, complemented with the colourful pictures and label adding up to nosiness aspects. The eye-catching and bold design of the mural will make a statement in your space!

Cute Black Graffiti

Turn your boring wall into a stunning piece of art with the Cute Black Graffiti. The graffiti wallpaper is designed in a black and white colour that offers a stunning look. You can upgrade your living room with the mural and attract your visitors. 

Colour Splash

This design is ideal for showcasing your personality by creating an awe-inspiring interior design model which breaks the rule. One can expect the superb colour vibrancy from this mural that makes it opt for office, living room, bedroom wallpaper.

How do graffiti wallpapers make a house more vibrant?

If you need to create a street-savvy feel in the home, you can hand graffiti murals. Creative artists find a unique way to mix Graffiti into modern or traditional houses without affecting the home's existing vibe. In addition, graffiti murals can add innovative appeal to your space. Take a look at how graffiti murals change an uninteresting space into the exciting one:

          • Cool bedroom

Many people use the graffiti pattern in the living room, but some prefer it to hang in the bedroom. Thanks to this motivated addition, graffiti pattern provides life to the bedroom wall and visibly, youngsters' bedroom looks stylish. Graffiti is self-expression that makes a great impact. 

          • Hidden stains

The main attraction of Graffiti is the background, which brings the style and multiple colours blooming. The old wall is messy and plays the centrepiece of the home, so that you can use the graffiti mural. On the other hand, the modern graffiti wallpaper gives the impression so elegant to the imagination. Besides, the colourful mural hides the stain on the wall without damaging the wall. 

          • Modern interpretations of colourful art

Graffiti is one form of art that has developed over periods. Some people said Graffiti started in Philly or New York during the accident. But now, graffiti pattern is speaking about the trendy hip hop style. The artist has found a simple way to spread the message to people by scratching it into the structure. A new generation of interior designers uses graffiti murals to renovate the home. You can add the iconic graffiti wallpaper to the bedroom, living area, kitchen, and hallways. 


If you seek the best way to showcase your style, you can try graffiti wallpaper. Using this design as a background in your living room, bedroom, or home office can give it a sense of positivity. In addition, it can add more appeal to the statement wall in your space that the visitors can adore seeing. Besides, graffiti mural is perfect for workspace promoting the street style. 

The technicoloured graffiti wallpaper mural looks amazing with minimalist style furniture! The graffiti mural is manufactured with the industrial-standard wall-covering material and innovative techniques. Thus, it guarantees the artwork makes an impression on everyone and lasts for an extended period. Graffiti murals with wooden panelling and irregular concrete make a worn-down feel to your space.