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Creating An Eccentric Home With Boho Style Wallpapers

Bohemian style, also known as Boho décor, is for those who prefer their homes to be full of energy, culture, and unique stuff for all to see. This style defines modern perceptions by embracing creative, easygoing, and eccentric decor. Bohemian-style rooms share several characteristics in that they are usually diverse and share comparable features. However, no two rooms are ever totally the same.

With Everwallpaper's trendy boho wallpaper designs, why not bring a calm boho vibe into your home? This cheerful collection of bohemian wallpaper features boho floral, tropical, and other fun pattern themes that will help you reach a bohemian atmosphere in your bedroom, living room, kids' nursery, and other spaces. With all these boho-style wallpaper ideas, you can add personality and a sense of free-spirited nature to your home.

Check out Everwallpaper's special Boho style wallpaper murals we listed below:

Wave Embroidery

The Wave Embroidery wallpaper mural instantly transforms any room into a lush, botanical paradise. The shades are rich and beautiful, bringing life and vibrancy to any home, while the white background keeps things light and fresh. With the Wave Embroidery wallpaper mural, you can surely create a stunning bedroom. This colorful wallpaper will undoubtedly give a burst of color and amusing drama to your decor. It will look great in your bedroom, living room, and hallway, with your modern furniture and colorful home décor.

Wave Embroidery Wall Mural

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Embroidery Designs

This lovely Embroidery Designs wallpaper mural would surely add creativity and elegance to your walls. This wallpaper will give your interior area a typical Middle Eastern atmosphere with its many colors and designs. As if the hand-painted artwork wasn't already appealing, Everwallpaper's Embroidery Designs wallpaper is surely simple to install. Even if you're not a patient DIYer, the seam fitting is blue on blue, so there's no danger of mismatched seams. There are medium, heavy, and detachable peel-and-stick wallpapers available.

Embroidery Designs Wall Mural

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Bohemian Pattern

Have an artsy home with Everwallpaper's Bohemian Pattern peel and stick wallpaper. This wallpaper mural is rich with a variety of colors and designs, giving your interior space a typical Middle Eastern vibe. Adorn your walls with this beautiful Bohemian print wallpaper mural. With various shades and colours, this wallpaper will bring your interior space a classic Middle Eastern feel. Available in both medium, heavy and removable peel-and-stick wallpapers. Printed with child-safe inks.

Bohemian Pattern Wall Mural

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Modern Lady

This lovely Modern Lady wallpaper mural will add a touch of elegance to your walls. This purple wallpaper design is a pleasure for tired eyes, instantly beautifying your walls with its simple elegance. Because it does not overpower the area's aesthetic, the grey color lends an impression of refinement to the interiors. Furthermore, the Modern Lady wallpaper is an ideal option for a girl's room.

Modern Lady Wall Mural

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Geometric Embroidery

The Geometric Embroidery wallpaper mural is to die for. Put it in a room where you want to add some joy and happiness. The Geometric Embroidery design represents warmth, welcome, friendliness, and hospitality, so grab this pastel wallpaper and invite some guests over to appreciate your exquisite flair.

Geometric Embroidery Wall Mural

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Designing Your Home With Boho Wallpaper Murals

We all know that texture is essential in creating boho-style work, and layering textures throughout your décor is an excellent way to do it. The boho style is defined by soft textured carpets, woven rattan furniture, and various textile textiles. But who says texture must be limited to the furniture pieces you choose?

While going all out with carpets and pillows is excellent, you can counteract this with textured walls. This might be concrete for a more industrialized aesthetic, brick for the character design feel. If your boho living area lacks floor space, our Embroidery Designs wallpaper is a perfect space-saving solution! The addition of texture to the walls achieves the all-natural aesthetic that the bohemian style is known for. It also draws reference from Scandi interiors to design a Scandinavian boho living room rich in bohemian texture.

Colors and Patterns Mixed with an Oriental Twist

The patterned shades are the first thing you'll notice in any bohemian space! A boho home is maximalist-inspired yet with an ethnic flavor. You can use a lot of color and patterns, exactly like in an absolutist living room.

For you to achieve a modern boho atmosphere, combine it with cultural patterns such as tribal designs and geometric patterns, which are vital components of a boho-chic home. Olive green, fiery oranges, mustard yellow, wine red, old brown, and velvet blue are among the most popular colors.

Use Global Accents

Because bohemian style is influenced by a nomadic culture, introducing global accessories into your home improves your Bohemian-inspired room. Consider Moroccan Pompom blankets, Thai Hmong Long Lumbar pillows, Moroccan rugs, Laos blankets, Kilim Lumbar pillows, Indonesian Borneo woven baskets, or Indian Kantha.

Organize Your Treasures

Boho is all about exhibiting your possessions, but you don't want to wake up to everything you've ever acquired lying on your bedside table. Carefully select your collection to minimize mess and add a few finishing touches to truly make it seem like home. A candle, a flower, and possibly some novels are the ideal accompaniment to your most treasured possessions.

Bring Nature To Your Home

Because the bohemian style is heavily influenced by nature, adding plants to your home will undoubtedly improve the atmosphere. Spend money on houseplants while allowing natural light to shine into your room. No boho space is whole without stunning artwork. This might be an accent wall, simply a large piece of wall art, artistically mounted lighting, or a guitar mounted on the wall.

Tips for a smooth installation:

    • Prepare your wall. The surface must be smooth and clean. Remove any remaining paint using a spatula, fill in gaps, and smooth it with sandpaper.
    • Take the wall's measurements. Use a measuring tape to determine the exact proportions of the area to be wallpapered.
    • Use a rubber or plastic spatula to adhere and smooth the paper without causing harm.
    • When gluing the corners, give an additional margin to cut afterward.
    • The upkeep and cleaning of wallpaper will be determined mainly by the materials used. In most modern designs, you must be able to cleanse it with water. However, it is usually advisable to dry them afterward.

Where to put your Boho Wallpaper?

The very first thing to contemplate is the location of your wallpaper. Following that, you should assess the condition of the wall you wish to decorate. Remember that a perfectly smooth wall is ideal for wallpapers with a flat finish, and textured wallpapers will look great on irregular walls.

On the other side, the wallpaper placement may help create an illusion of distance or length in the area. As a result, while our intentions are sometimes good, selecting the wall is critical to attaining the desired results.

Bohemian style is characterized by a strange combination of colors, motifs, and textures. The laidback, global-inspired approach defies convention to produce a layered, customized look. Boho design, which was born carefree and eclectic, mirrors the artistry of those who admire nature's textures, patterns, colors, and patterns.

While many people believe that "more is more," you may do boho any way you want: maximalist, minimalist, modern, or stylish. The goal is to experiment with mixing and matching, stacking, and layering, including souvenirs from your travels, and creating a pleasant and beautiful space.