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11 New Wallpaper Designs for Home Interiors That Will Make You Drool

Everyone loves to add wallpapers to their home interior. It's a gorgeous way to create a unique and fascinating style for your home. Thus, wallpapers and wallpaper murals are two of the most discussed trends in interior design these days, especially on the Internet. And when it comes to wallpaper designs or best wallpaper murals for home interiors, you will find every one-of-a-kind style to be absolutely stunning and modern here at Ever Wallpaper.



The theme of this post comes from the breathtakingly hot and new wallpaper designs by Ever Wallpaper. So, if you like to redecorate your home interior or just want a fresh makeover, these new wallpaper design ideas are for you to check out!

Wearing wallpapers is an old tradition, but we have to say that modern wallpapers are changing the trend of this art form. You will find new and hot wallpaper design ideas here, which are not only pretty and elegant but with a touch of modernity and interesting details as well!

Here are the top 11 newly designed wallpaper murals for home interiors from the one and only Ever Wallpaper:

Colorful Portrait Blocks

This wallpaper mural is perfect for sprucing up your space! This colorful abstract wallpaper pattern has the ideal amount of texture to give any space in your house a unique flair. The new wallpaper design may easily go with the current décor in your living area because it has an artistic portrait pattern that gives it a trendy and bright appearance. Walls and ceilings look great painted in vibrant hues, and your favorite paintings and picture frames will have a dynamic and intriguing backdrop thanks to the abstract design. As you hang them in your corridor and hallway, you will undoubtedly feel happy and satisfied.

Colorful Portrait Blocks Wallpaper

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Abstract Portrait Lines

Ideal for bathrooms, this black-and-white wallpaper mural has a beautiful and eye-catching portrait design with abstract portrait lines on the surface. The subtle outlines of the random and abstract subjects are made to stand out against a white background by the use of solid tones of black. This geometric wallpaper will be a great addition to your bathroom as it has a minimalist pattern that will give a soothing and cozy atmosphere to your space.

Abstract Portrait Lines Wallpaper

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Abstract Colorful Leaves

Add a sophisticated and cheerful vibe to your home with this yet another attractive abstract wallpaper mural! This leaf wall design is made with a bold, rich color palette that’s sure to make any space feel brand new. It has an abstract representation of colorful leaves against a neutral background that really brings the beauty of nature out in patterns and colors while adding elegance to your space. The leafy pattern of this newly designed wallpaper will also create a stunning focal point in both teenager and nursery rooms because of its naturally inviting and welcoming appearance.

Abstract Colorful Leaves Wallpaper

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Gray Mountain Waves

This mountain wallpaper mural is a great way to bring a touch of beauty into your home! This gray wall design features a realistic-looking, watercolor painting of a mountain landscape with a wavy and rolling peak pattern. The image is on a gray background, which makes it more stylish and functional and helps it stand out from other wallpaper murals that use full color. The artistic style has a clean look and is perfect for personal or commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants, which need white or monochromatic ambiance at home.

Gray Mountain Waves Wallpaper

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Watercolor Cactus

An art deco design with a modern twist, this leaves ivy wallpaper brings a bit of excitement to any space! This decorative cactus wall mural is designed with a watercolor painting of lush green cacti and white highlights. The unique pattern of this green wallpaper conveys an element of style and beauty to your home and office space while providing an artistic way to make a statement about your personality and lifestyle, sure to turn your workplace into a botanical oasis.

Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper

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Vintage Abstract Painting

The retro, colorful abstract painting technique used in this stunning ombre wall mural radiates life and charm. This abstract wall art, which features a vintage-inspired design and lovely warm hues with a new take, can easily be transformed into a centerpiece that raises the value of your house. The resulting understated design is a clean oil painting that will add grace to your area. The delicate ombre shading offers the appearance of depth to your home décor, which is especially useful in adult bedrooms of individuals who appreciate this kind of design.

Vintage Abstract Painting Wallpaper

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Vertical Flower Painting

Everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of nature. The ideal approach to introduce that splendor into your house is with this flower wallpaper mural! This floral home décor, which has a wide variety of vintage flowers hanging vertically on an ombre backdrop, will liven up your room and provide color to your walls. There is no better way to appreciate the wonders of nature than with this flower oil painting wallpaper, which is perfect for powder rooms and female bedrooms due to its naturally feminine appeal.

Vertical Flower Painting Wallpaper

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Painting Flower Wonderland

Take your inspiration for a walk in the past with this vintage flower wallpaper mural! Capturing the essence of the past, this floral painting has a soft but rich shade that is sure to turn any room into a warm atmosphere. The broad range of colorful and lovely flowers was painted on a dark-colored background to make the newly designed antique bloom wallpaper stand out even from a distance. Its traditional oil painting finish is great for trendy bedrooms with vintage or retro style decor. It also has 3 color variations, suitable to your seasonal mood.

Painting Flower Wonderland Wallpaper

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Flower Grass Painting

Bring alive the beauty of a fairytale with our beautiful flower wallpaper mural! This floral grass painting print is an engaging, colorful, and inspiring pattern that will add an element of rustic charm and whimsy to your interior design. The newest addition to Ever Wallpaper’s new wallpaper designs, this stunning image has a modern and vintage accent that will instantly turn your boring living room walls into a colorful vibrant space that will show your personal feminine style!

Flower Grass Painting Wallpaper

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Flower on Wetland

With the help of this flower wallpaper mural, bring a sense of seasonal cheer to your living space! This wallpaper features a flower garden on a lovely antique marsh and may be used in any room to create the required natural and calm environment. Not only will this picture of a beautiful green landscape make your dining room and kitchen more visually appealing, but when you look at it every day, it will also make you feel happy and serene.

Flower on Wetland Wallpaper

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Flower Branch Painting

This vintage flower art wallpaper with a nature background is an interesting choice for your home office and kids’ room. The enchanting floral pattern depicting a bunch of colorful flowers on a majestic plain background makes the whole image more glamorous. The subtle painting finish adds to the retro appeal of this new wallpaper design. You can choose from multiple colors, so it can perfectly match almost any home decor.

Flower Branch Painting Wallpaper

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When the right wallpaper comes in, it becomes impossible to ignore the fact that it has to be hung up. The exquisite design and meticulous craft of the patterns make any room a royal palace. Whether you are decorating a couple of walls for a small apartment or adding texture to a freshly painted room, when it comes to new wallpaper designs, you can find it all here at Ever Wallpaper so you can match your aesthetic home decor!

Why Should You Decorate Your Home with New Wallpaper Design Ideas

This year’s home décor trends are all about color, pattern, and texture. Wallpaper is something that is generally a home decorating staple. It can be used to decorate walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and even cabinets. There are many different types of wallpaper designs that you can choose from and they come in all shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next wallpaper design project, here are some reasons why you should consider using new wallpaper design ideas for your home interiors:

    • 1.It provides a fresh look every time you change the wallpaper design on your walls.
    • 2.It helps you bring out all the beauty of your walls and other decorative items in your house.
    • 3.It helps you create a more comfortable atmosphere in your living space.

The best thing about these designs is that they enable you to produce an exquisite and creative appearance that will make any space in your home look wonderful and alluring.

Go for the Trendy Option: Choose Ever Wallpaper’s New Design Collection

The new design collection from Ever Wallpaper is nothing short of incredible. Or, to put it another way, it's everything a wallpaper design collection should be. Because of the company’s good reputation in producing quality wallpapers, their products have also been receiving a high page rank. With the newest wallpaper designs, you're sure to make a statement in any room of your home, office, or business with its products that combine modern simplicity with sleek, urban style.

So why not go for the newest trend this season and choose something fresh? Why not pick the new wallpaper collection from Ever Wallpaper with hot design options? Strive for a luxurious wallpaper design trend that will make your home interior extra special and remarkable.