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Trendy Wallpaper Mural Options To Get For Your Home Interior

If you are looking for a new way to make your home look more stylish and modern, or if you have recently moved into a new house and want to update its interior, trendy wallpaper murals are one of the best ways to go. You can choose from various styles and designs that will fit into any room of your home, office, or business space.

In the past, wallpaper murals were typically reserved for children's rooms or other areas of a home that weren't considered "adult spaces." But that has all changed. Wallpaper murals are now being used in any house, from bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms. And with so many new and unique designs available, you can find a wall mural to fit your personality perfectly. As a result, homeowners and interior designers are trying to find the latest hot trend in wallpapers.

This article will discuss some of the most popular trends in wallpaper murals that you should consider when decorating your home.

Autumn Tree Wallpaper Mural

This beautiful vintage wallpaper mural defines serenity! It features a dazzling autumn tree with birds and bright yellow and orange leaves against a neutral backdrop. The scattered birds on the branches are inspired by the seasonal explosion of color and new life, creating a peaceful natural forest scene from nature in this teenage room wallpaper mural. Adolescent girls who wish to decorate their walls with a simple yet exquisite pattern are drawn to it because of its inherently calming appearance.

Vintage Tree Wall Mural

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Misty Forest Wallpaper Mural

Bring the outdoors inside with a forest jungle wallpaper mural that captures the misty, foggy forest landscape! This 3D wall mural gives the impression that you are staring through a window into a forest filled with fog-shrouded pine trees. The ideal office wallpaper mural for individuals who spend so much time in their working space, this design is suitable for those who want to feel like they're in their own vacation spot or have it in their room to feel more relaxed and revitalized at the end of the day.

Misty Forest Wall Mural

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Green Bloomy Branches Wallpaper Mural

Adorn your little girl's room with a beautiful floral wall mural! This nursery wall mural, which contains tiny flower petals in a soft green shade, is a great way to bring a natural touch to children's rooms. Due to its inherently serene design, this green wallpaper will get the outdoors inside with its fresh and earthy elements.

Flower Branches Wall Mural

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Colorful Tropical Palm Trees Wallpaper Mural

Vibrant colors illuminate this colorful tropical wallpaper mural featuring vivid-colored palm trees on a plain white background. A fun piece to add to your walls, this bathroom wallpaper creates a fun, tropical touch to your space as it fills it with a bit of summer spice. This boho wallpaper mural also comes in a rainbow of colors, making it a popular choice for those who want to give their home cheerful and fun decor.

Colorful Tropical Palm Trees Wall Mural

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Large Pink Flower Wallpaper Mural

Give your walls some extra flair with this unique dark floral wallpaper mural! The bold, bright design of a large pink flower set on a black background will surely add an exquisite and memorable touch to your home. This living room wall mural produces a vibrant life and color to your living space while creating a sophisticated backdrop for any furniture or décor in your area. You can give your living room an instant makeover with this flower pattern, a popular choice among female customers.

Large Pink Flower Wall Mural

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Copper Wallpaper Mural

Bring the look of luxury to your walls with this golden copper industrial wallpaper mural! With its rich browns and golden patina pattern, this metal effect wall mural gives you a refined look that will complement any home interior style, from vintage-inspired architectures to modern-styled homes. The classic design and metallic accents interest this kitchen wallpaper while maintaining a simplistic feel.

Industrial Style Wall Mural

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Vintage Flowers Wallpaper Mural

If you want to make a touch of vintage glamor to your room, then our vintage wallpaper mural filled with old-aged classic flowers is the right choice. As one of the most popular flower wallpapers, this design exudes an elegant charm and timeless appeal, making your space look fresher and more stunning. Its fine-screened stylish floral pattern with funky shades also makes a great bedroom wallpaper mural to add character to your area quickly and easily.

Vintage Flowers Wall Mural

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Patina Rust Wallpaper Mural

Introduce a warm natural theme to your home with this industrial wallpaper mural. The key feature is the patina rust effect background, which can provide texture and style to a room in your home or office. The perfect backdrop for a modern living space, this piece is reminiscent of old warehouses that you can use as a dining room wallpaper mural to add interest to your area needing a bit of decoration. You can naturally create a rustic vibe to your tabletop.

Patina Rust Wall Mural

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Animals in a River Wallpaper Mural

Create a magical artistic scene in your home with this children's room wallpaper mural! Featuring a peaceful setting of adorable animals chasing the moonlight in a river, this cartoon animal wallpaper mural will transform kids' spaces into an imaginative world of joy and wonder. Your little ones will surely love the design of this animal wallpaper because of its unique and whimsical look they won't find anywhere else.

Chasing Moonlight Wall Mural

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Versatile Geometric Wallpaper Mural

This excellent sketch of a geometric wallpaper mural will add a bit of geometric print flair to your wall! This multicolored wallpaper, made by combining circles, squares, and triangles, is ideal for producing a modern, artistic, and contemporary home decoration idea. The appeal of this watercolor wallpaper lies in its colorful and flexible options, which, thanks to its three color variations, will go with any interior design theme you are working on.

Versatile Geometric Wall Mural

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Merry Bird Floral Wallpaper Mural

Settle in with a warm drink and a good book for this popular wallpaper featuring a vintage floral tree branches design that will put you at ease. With the soft and romantic look of the merry flowery branch, you can transform your walls into an enchanted forest with beautiful brown leaves and decorative flowers. This green wallpaper mural will make your home feel even cozier. It serves as a hallway wallpaper to add a few colorful accessories for a charming focal point in your home interior.

Merry Bird Floral Wall Mural

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Abstract Picasso Wallpaper Mural

This geometric wallpaper mural will uniquely accent your wall! The art deco wallpaper has a soft, lovely green backdrop with a pale yellow and black design reminiscent of Picasso's works. The vivid hues and strong lines of this abstract pattern wallpaper mural will give a wonderful accent to your interior design, making it a striking headboard wallpaper mural for your space that looks like a work of art.

Abstract Picasso Wall Mural

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Vintage Flower Branch Wallpaper Mural

To give a touch of vintage style, hang this floral wallpaper mural in your room, foyer, or ornamental accent place! This flower print's vibrant, varied design is a real eye-catcher and adds a touch of nature and creativity to your living space. Your wall may quickly be transformed into an enchanted garden wonderland with the help of this vintage wallpaper mural, making it pleasant to look at every day. You can create a romantic and cozy atmosphere in your space by using this dark wall mural as an adult wallpaper decor.

Flower Branch Blossom Wall Mural

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Flower Painting Wallpaper Mural

Make a bold statement with this gorgeous oil painting wallpaper mural! Featuring a botanical floral pattern on a wetland background, this vintage wall art will add a retro character and give it a personalized look. It can be used as a living room wallpaper mural to beautify your surroundings, providing a warm and cozy feeling and a more comfortable space to stay at home.

Oil Painting Flower Wall Mural

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Forest in Fog Wallpaper Mural

In this enchanted foggy wallpaper, take in the peaceful picture of the woodland. This magnificent forest wallpaper mural brings to mind the fall season, with trees and ferns against a serene background of fog and mist. The sky and trees are painted in a low saturation, giving you the impression of an early morning or late evening in the woods. The ideal welcome or anniversary gift for those that enjoy the outdoors and an eerie environment.

Forest in Fog Wall Mural

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New York City Graffiti Wallpaper Mural

Bring the street art of New York's street artists into your home with this colorful NYC graffiti wallpaper mural. The unique and playful design of this high-page rank wallpaper product makes it ideal for those who love the urban atmosphere and street art. This black and white wallpaper mural will turn your room into a cosmopolitan, urban landscape that you and your family will love to stare at.

New York City Graffiti Wall Mural

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Forest Animal Wallpaper Mural

This wallpaper with woodland animals will add a stylish touch to your child's room or nursery! This fun wall design, which features colorful jungle animals in a cartoon forest environment, can aid in establishing a wholesome and tranquil atmosphere in your house. While the forest setting will create the charm you need for any kids' room, the forest animal motif and vibrant color palette adapt to many diverse surroundings. The rooms in your home that your children's toys fill well with this cartoon wallpaper.

Animals Meeting Wall Mural

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Pastel Bricks Wallpaper Mural

You can create a colorful, minimalist design in your home with this stunning 3D wallpaper mural. The design features a backdrop of pastel-colored bricks accented with teal, orange, and yellow pops. This pastel wallpaper mural will make a fun and fresh statement to your home decor as it gives a cheerful look that is perfect for modern settings or even a workspace. This brick wallpaper mural will instantly provide colorful energy to your bathroom!

Colorful Bricks Wall Mural

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Dark Flowers Wallpaper Mural

With this striking black floral wallpaper mural, you can infuse your house with a feeling of richness that will amaze your guests. Your living area will be filled with the enchanting feel of a magical land thanks to this delicate and detailed floral pattern! Given that it offers your house a pleasant and natural appearance, the old flower image in this vintage wallpaper will make the ideal home accent for your living room and lodging area. With its dark warm hues and polished oil hand painting finish, this fantastic wall design will generate beauty in any space it adorns.

Dark Flowers Wall Mural

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Cartoon Animal Map Wallpaper Mural

Let your little boys learn while they play with this aesthetic animal map wallpaper mural. This playful collection of animals from across the globe will take you on a journey your kids won't want to end. An excellent way to keep kids entertained at home or on vacation, this creative animal wallpaper mural is sure to bring loads of fun into their lives!

Cartoon Animal Map Wall Mural

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Irises Oil Painting Wallpaper Mural

This flower oil painting wallpaper mural is a popular wallpaper design that can be used to create an elegant and romantic atmosphere in your room. The popularity of this floral pattern renders it a perfect choice for creating a vintage and chic interior design with the intent to take in the beauty of nature to your home. This art deco wallpaper mural is also sure to make your entire wall more artistic and bright because of its blueish purple tone color and lush green background.

Irises Oil Painting Wall Mural

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Colorful Geometric Wallpaper Mural

The perfect accent wall in your apartment is decorated in mid-century modern style, this geometric wallpaper mural has an art-deco style with geometric shapes and a variety of color combinations. With elegant ornamental details, you can feel the enthusiastic vibe in your room with this pattern, which will transform your home into a stylish place. This apartment wallpaper mural makes a versatile wall decal that can fit both traditional and contemporary homes.

Colorful Geometric Wall Mural

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Brown Marble Wallpaper Mural

This exquisite brown marble wallpaper mural is influenced by the high-end grandeur seen in some of the most opulent hotels, casinos, and palaces worldwide. This picture wall art will likely add a very realistic aspect to your décor with its contemporary and glossy finish of gilded marble pattern. You'll feel as though you've walked into a palace when you see this exquisitely detailed powder room wallpaper mural with its classical architectural design that will stand out on your bathroom walls.

Gilt Mable Wall Mural

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Pop Art Wallpaper Mural

Pop Art is a modern art movement that began in the 1950s, initially in Britain. It combines old and new, every day and the extraordinary, to create works of art that inspire and delight. This pop art graffiti wallpaper mural of a woman is a popular design inspired by Andy Warhol's original style. With its playful colors and lively patterns, this unique wallpaper is an ideal way to introduce your space with an edgy yet stylish element. The adult room wallpaper mural will also fill your home with the spirit of vitality, femininity, and imagery from pop culture.

Pop Art Wall Mural

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Blue Forest Bird Wallpaper Mural

This wild bird wallpaper will give your home's decor a pleasant touch and fresh vitality thanks to its classic tropical theme! This art deco wallpaper mural features a blue heron in its natural habitat, beautifully rendered with the grown tall trees on a vast green field backdrop. Because of its vibrant colors, this elegant living room wallpaper mural stands out from other wall art. However, it is also trendy enough to be utilized as an accent piece within your house for that added brightness and joy.

Heron in Jungle Wall Mural

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Van Gogh Portrait Wallpaper Mural

The renowned Van Gogh artwork served as the inspiration for this unique multicolored wallpaper mural. The composition of this piece of pop art from a well-known global artist is quite lovely and vibrant, giving nurseries a friendly environment. If you enjoy the arts and are a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, you can use this as a hallway wallpaper mural to add a unique accent piece and an artistic touch to your house.

Mosaic Tile Wall Mural

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So, there you have it! An extensive rundown of all the best and original trends in wallpaper murals right now. We hope this article has helped you understand and appreciate the many different styles available; maybe it even gave you some ideas for your interiors. Whatever happens next, we know one thing: these hand-drawn designs will be around for a while.

Choose to Level up Your Home Decor With Popular Wallpaper Murals

An easy way to add a little style to your home while also increasing its value is by adding wallpaper murals. These murals come in various themes and styles that give you incredible freedom when designating space and improving the overall feel of your home.

So what are you waiting for? Take this as your opportunity to add a splash of color to your homes. Just peek at the murals above, and you'll find that each one comes with its unique vibe, essence, and concept. Choose your trendy wallpaper murals wisely and get your home interior ready for its makeover!