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4 Fruit-printed Wallpapers That Bring Freshness to Your Room

Vibrant interior spaces will surely never look old. With fruit-printed wallpapers, you home interiors will look fresh and colorful. It makes the atmosphere healthy and tasty giving a different level of excitement and lively attitude. Every inhibitor in a room or space with fruit wallpaper will surely feel uplifting and rejuvenating energies with its prints and images. Fruit wallpaper is a versatile design element that you can apply in residential, institutional, and commercial spaces. The approach of fruit wallpaper in home interiors can also give a relaxing and trendy aura. The mood that a wall with fruit patterns and prints can give into the interiors is it defines a zesty and festive visual effects.

Here are some of the cutest fruit wallpaper to decorate your interiors with:


A very refreshing prints and pattern of lively yellow-colored lemons with its pastel background will give your kitchens, dining rooms, and kids' rooms a dynamic appeal. It has tangy and bright effects to the interiors especially if your cover 90% of your walls with this gorgeous fruit wallpaper. Even with its literal lemon prints, this fruit wallpaper still catches a luxurious approach through its color pallete. The colors of its leaves in dark green and pastel blue green creates a regal look of this decorative interior design element. It is very appetizing and as well as giving a cooler effect in any room or space . It has a vibrant approach through its shining and shimmering image representation making it look fresh, juicy, and dewy. If you are a person who loves to invite visitors and guests, this fruit wallpaper will definitely suit a conversationalist style.


This fruit wallpaper's sweet and and dreamy appeal is perfect for bedrooms both kids' and adults. It also has a cooling effect because of its ice cube prints. What makes it perfect for bedrooms are its pastel pink colors and cartoony strawberry images with the touch of the cute little bubbles and transparency effects of the ice cube. The details of this fruit wallpaper is also appetizing. This can also be used for decorating a wall in your dining area or kitchen. Its light and pastel pink shade gives makes a drowsing and relaxing effect in any area. This fruit wallpaper can complement white, any shades of wood, and rustic items. This is very trendy and modern, any age groups can appreciate a wall with this fruit wallpaper. A sophisticated cooling effect of its low-key mint leaf added with the large ice cube prints greatly defines its sweet and relaxing aura.


Nothing is more eye-catching than this pineapple fruit wallpaper. The murals of this fruit wallpaper comes in a semi-symmetrical prints and patterns of fresh and vibrant pineapples that creates an appetizing atmosphere in every area or room it is applied on. The fruit wallpaper has a pleasantly playful character giving an exciting and refreshing mood for residents and inhibitor of the particular space. The pineapple slices prints give it an extensive juicy appeal creating a summery and adventurous vibe. This fruit wallpaper is best for your kitchen backsplash, dining room accent walls, and foyers. With its bright yellow and calming backdrop, it is also best for playrooms and hallways to give a lightened-up space for dark areas that are prone to traffic.


This pear pattern fruit wallpaper is well-suited to be used in bedrooms, playrooms, foyers, or even in dressing rooms. The pear-shapes come in seeds and plants that grow from inside its print areas creating a representation of seed germination. It is also very educational because of its fruit embryo and fertilization prints that ids can inquire and learn out of curiosity. The overall color palette is very dreamy through its pale baby blue backdrop and cartoony images of the pears and leaves. The colors of the prints are also dark but in solid and unshaded fills. Its zesty little circle sprinkles around the fruit shape makes it more playful and vibrant.


Using these fruit wallpapers for your home will elevate a new twist in your atmosphere. It will create a more lively and refreshing mood that you can enjoy every time. Get high in life and get more appetite to chill, relax, and indulge into your home interiors that cools you down and be with nature.